Introduction to specialistwebsites.co.uk

We design and manage bespoke websites for medical & surgical specialists and associated professionals. Please follow these links to see examples of consultant physician and educational psychologist websites that have created using WordPress and Concrete5 respectively.

Our view

Prospective patients are much more likely to choose you over your competitors if you have a personal website. They aren't attracted to over-glitzy web-sites with hyperbolic domain names because what they are really want is a high quality but reasonably priced specialist.  Your private practice website will convey these qualities by being understated yet professional and informative.

Our offering

We will create for you a professional and informative website that we know patients will respond to positively, and we will link this to an appropriate domain name with matching email addresses. 

Our package includes ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and advice on other ways of increasing your 'visibility'.  We ensure that the highest level of web security is implemented.  Your website will be kept secure from hacking and other malicious activity and will be protected by regularly backups.

Our prices are extremely competitive.  We charge a one-off fee to create for you  a bespoke 'medium sized' 10-15-page WordPress website suitable to your needs.  This covers the design, coding, optimisation and personalisation of the website. In addition there is a modest rolling monthly charge for which we provide an ongoing maintenance and updating service. This covers the cost of hosting, updating, maintaining, backing-up & optimising the website. This monthly fee also covers the ongoing provision of technical and content-updating support.

Our unique proposition

We firmly believe that the best way to sell ourselves to you is by creating a bespoke website for you, free of charge. If you don't like what we have done then you walk away and lose nothing!

We hope you'll be impressed and decide to keep and develop the website. Then, following the contractual formalities, we will transfer it to a domain of your choice where it can be completed and fine-tuned.

If you are keen to see what your website could look like then why not complete our data collection form via the blue button below?  We will then, with no obligation to you, start creating your provisional bespoke website and once completed we will email you a link.  

We promise to keep any data you send to us 100% secure.

If you have any queries then please get in touch with us via our contact form and we will get straight back to you.